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We are building the largest online marketplace/community for designers and want you to be a part of it! Whether you are looking for a full time position or freelance gigs, our job at Cherrybox is to match you with the best opportunities available anywhere in the world!

Are you a Designer?

Great! We are so happy you came here :)

We intend for Cherrybox to become the largest visual talent market in the world.

You are invited to participate in our beta release and to become one of the very first designers to enjoy the Cherrybox platform.

Build and publish beautiful portfolios, find freelance gigs, get discovered by clients and apply to full-time positions, join contests and earn badges to distinguish yourself, and grow as a designer. Come out to live events in your city, sponsored by Cherrybox, where you can meet with industry stars, watch inspiring keynotes, network with companies that hire, and make friends!

I am excited for you to enjoy Cherrybox and, together, to grow into into a vibrant and thriving community.

Anya Petrova,
Cherrybox founder.

Showcase Your Work
Let your talent shine through customizable Albums. Select featured works, tag for industry type, genre, and style.
Be Discovered by Clients
You don't need to search for clients anymore - they find you! Its our job to make sure that they do ;)
We will organize meetups, live events, and workshops in your city. Come, have fun, make friends, and meet potential clients!
Keep Pace With the Industry
Stay informed about news and happenings in the design world. Discover new tools/software coming out and receive promotions/discounts.


Just starting down the path? Exciting! You will grow fast with CHERRYBOX, we promise :) Discover and apply to awesome internship programs, win contests, earn rewards, and get noticed. Meet other designers, learn new tools, define and evolve your style and, finally, land your first job!

Be in control of your career: work full-time or freelance (on or off-site), choose who can contact you (recruiters, companies, single entrepreneurs, etc.), and get matched to clients that are looking for and will appreciate YOUR style.

So you’re a superstar with years of experience? Great! We will be able to match you with top open positions anywhere in the world. Just let us know you are available.


Dive in to the ocean of opportunity. Swim freely from client to client and reap the rewards of professional freedom! Don't want to be contacted by recruiters? Just check them off and they will never bother you again



Become a part of an awesome creative team!

Our targeted search engine and matchmaking tools will ensure that that your new job is a perfect match for your style and skill level. We will work tirelessly to get the best companies in the world to use Cherrybox as their primary tool for hiring visual talent.

Reach out to the world

Let Your Talent Shine All Over The Globe!

Remember, we are building a global market for designers. Have you ever wanted to live in a different part of the world, say...Shanghai? Paris? NYC? We will help you get hired by overseas companies.

Freelancers will get to enjoy working with clients anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own homes!

Become a Pioneer!

If you join Cherrybox-beta now, we will assign a "Pioneer" badge to your account! This badge will only be available to early adopters and will serve as a mark of distinction for you among all others at Cherrybox in the future! Cool, huh? :)

Let A.I. do
the match-making

We are establishing a partnership with a Silicon Valley based company in order to integrate artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms into our system.

We aim to drastically increase the quality of client-designer matches.

Never work for a client incompatible with your artistic style again!

  • I discovered at an early age that all I've ever wanted to do is design.

    . . .
    Jonathan Ive


Let's grow together. The sky is the limit!